Do not inherit flags to child tasks action group


in my workflow I often end up with a lot of nested subtasks, sometimes many levels deep:

  • main task
    • subtask
      • subsubtask
        • etc.

I develop these (sub)tasks during my work, but they are still subtasks of the main task rather than tasks by themselves.

When I flag a main task, I expect to appear it in a Flagged perspective, not its subtasks. OF does exactly opposite: flagging main tasks generates hundreds of sub-tasks in the flagged perspective, without the main task on top. I understand that this is probably due to “action group” architecture, but at the end of the day, a very important Flagged perspective is at the moment useless to me…

Do you know any workaround or solution to this problem? The perfect solution would be a Flagged view with only Tagget parent flags (action groups) without subtasks. I imagine it can be achieved either by the option of NOT inheriting a flag by children tasks, or the ability to group subtasks in the Flagged view under the parent (main) tasks,

I would appreciate Your help/advice,


This has just been added as a feature in the most recent TestFlight versions of OmniFocus 4. I haven’t had a chance to play with it extensively, but it looks promising!

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Great! I’m just testing OF 4 for mac… How to get to this feature ?

Many thanks :)


Just for the record, some of us depend on the current behavior for our workflows. Hopefully, if this is implemented it will be as an option rather than a change in behavior.

Fully agree. I was thinking about it as the option.

I solved the problem in OF 4 for Mac by creating a custom perspective with:

  • Filter rule: Status: Flagged; Availability: Remaining
  • Group and sort: Entire Projects <<< this is a solution

Oooh…so toggling this behavior in OF 4 is not and option?

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