Do not keep track of certain tasks and resources in dashboard

I am using OmniPlan to keep track of small projects for clients. The dashboard is a important feature to me. But it shows tasks that I assigned to a resource representing my client. Basically I don’t have to make sure my client does his job. So his tasks should not show up in my dashboard since I want to have on overview across projects of my tasks.

Until now I approached this problem like this: I didn’t assign an email to external resources. Therefore they don’t show up in the resources for the dashboard. I am able to see clashes in the small resources area at the bottom, but actually this is my main goal and this area is about 20 pixels high and hard to judge which projects are causing the clash.

How can I achieve this?

Does anyone have a solution to this?

@luksak It isn’t currently possible to filter a resource out of a Dashboard in OmniPlan 3 - I’ll file a feature request in our development database for this functionality so that the rest of the team is aware you’d find this useful in your workflow!

For the time being, you could potentially work around this limitation by applying a filter to the OmniPlan project that excludes all tasks assigned to the resource. After filtering the project, save the filtered results as a new OmniPlan file and toss the new project file into the Dashboard instead of the original file. This will however only create a snapshot in Dashboard of the current project status - this filter/export/add to Dashboard process would need to be repeated each time you’d like to update your Dashboard.