Do not review project


I’m setting each project of mine some “review” dates. The problem I run into is that if I never want to review it, Omnifocus forces me to enter a date because I can’t leave the field empty.
So what I do is put a past date and check every “60 years”.

Does it happen to you? It happens to me with Omnifocus 3 and Omnifocus 4.

How can it be put on date that a project will never be reviewed?

Thank you!

As you discovered, all projects have a Next Review date, and this field can’t be empty. Setting a review date way off into the future (e.g. January 1, 2200) will prevent it from ever showing up in the Review perspective, effectively clearing the Next Review date.

Though, I find it’s helpful to have a Next Review date for all projects in OmniFocus so that they don’t get lost or forgotten. Some projects may need to be reviewed at least once a week, whereas others can be set to be reviewed less frequently (e.g. once a month or even once a year).


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