Do you prefer folders or action groups? (and why can't actions be moved between projects?)

Since I dove into buying OF2 for the iPhone (no other version owned yet) I’ve been setting up some contexts and projects and tinkering with my desired flow. In gridwriter’s article on projects he mentions deciding up front when to use folders vs. action groups. From fiddling around it seems that an action in a project can’t be moved outside of that project. This strikes me as odd, as it is more difficult to play around with the hierarchies and you are forced to commit up front to a structure that might not be ideal. For that project/folder anyway. Point being that once you decide to put an action into a project it can never be moved outside of that project. Unless I missed something?

Back to the article mentioned: How do you balance folders vs action groups? Do you find one is more useful/meaningful than the other, and if so how? Or are they equal?

Appreciate the insight, thanks.

Can you not select a new project in the info tab?

Yes, I think I used the wrong term, sorry I wasn’t clear. I can’t move an action that is inside an action group to any other action that is not on the same action group. So if I decide a specific action or at of actions needs to be elsewhere I was trying to use the MOVE command (intuitive) to do that. Looks like I should reassign it to a different project first.

Just tried again, yes that is the correct approach,I had my wires crossed. Thanks.

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