Do you use cleaning app on Mac?

The storage is in short on my Mac and just wondering if it did any help to utilize cleaning app to remove junk files? Or just leave it alone? What is your thought on this?

I use Daisydisk to locate large files that I no longer need. I had a large number of TIFF files that were hundreds of megabytes each - cleared out a ton of space. :) Still, the 2TB on this MBP is still nearly all used up now. :/

/edit - I also use Hazel and Dr. Cleaner Pro, but simply finding and deleted unnecessary large files has had the biggest impact.

It is pretty cool. it seems both Hazel and Dr.Cleaner Pro are paidware, right?

They all are, yes, but there’s a “Dr. Cleaner” (minus the “pro”) that’s freeware.

I use Clean My Mac by Macpaw. They are the people who make Setapp so the app can be purchased independently or is included with the Setapp subscription.

I also have used Daisydisk in the past and run it every once in a while just to see what is out there.

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Need to pay, lol

I don’t understand your point.

This topic seems to attract a lot of spammers, and doesn’t really seem to be relevant to Omni (nobody has even mentioned our free OmniDiskSweeper app!), so I’m going to close this topic out.