Do you use the mini inspectors in the ruler bar?

Hi! We’re looking to get feedback from users that take advantage of the controls in the ruler bar:

What controls in there are most useful to you?
Are there any you wish you could hide, like just showing the rotation control while hiding width/height/position fields?
Are there any controls you wish were offered there?
Do you prefer to use these controls over accessing the inspectors when possible?


I use the mini inspector quite a bit when working on my drawing (cave map), esp when adjusting short line segments. I also use it when placing images to control the rotation of images.
My biggest wish would be a live update for line length while drawing instead of having to select the line, adjust the length, then reselect the line to see the new length. I know that is difficult but you did ask!
Might be nice to be able to select what items you want to see in the ruler bar instead of having them all in there all the time.