Document locked message

I just installed Omnifocus 4 on my Mac. I’m really digging it, but I have been getting a message that the document is locked because another app is using it. I moved OF 3 to the trash, but it is still in there. Is there a way to unlock the document, or do I need to just completely delete OF 3?

It’s perfectly fine to run OmniFocus 3 and OmniFocus 4 side-by-side, and you can decide whether you want them to sync with each other (through the cloud) or whether you want them to each have their own independent database.

The only time I see this error is when I’ve downloaded and opened two copies of OmniFocus 4 itself at the same time for some reason—for example, when I open the Mac App Store download and the direct download at the same time. Or a test build at the same time as the release build.

Could something like that explain what you’re seeing?

(Another possibility, though less likely, is that you could have opened the same database in both v4 and v3 at the same time—since they’re sync-compatible, they’re compatible enough to allow this. But that’s not something that would happen in a typical configuration.)

Thank you very much for your reply! I didn’t have two copies of OF 4, but I think I did have 3 and 4 open at the same time. I have since deleted OF 3 and the problem has not returned. Thanks again for your help!