Document wide Canvas Data

Hi there,

I am trying to have document wide access to variables in the form of <%UserData foo%>

So far I can only make object specific data which is useless for my case. if I write it in the canvas data and try to have it display in a textfield, the content of the textfield simply disappears - very unexpected behaviour. It seems it cant find the canvas data variable and instead displays nothing.
But anyhow I guess that would be document wide data anyway - how can I facilitate this, it seems like an obvious feature to have.

Many thanks!

did you ever find a solution to this?

Really need <%canvasdata foo%> at the very least. Even better if there’s a <%userdata foo%> override chain from document ➡ canvas ➡ object for a given variable where foo can be overridden as specificity increases.

Would the document Description or Comments meet your needs?