<%Document%> without extension?


is there a way (modifier, format specifier) to get at the document name (variable: <%Document%> ), but without the file name extension? That way, I can use my speaking document titles also as the (running) heading titles. Currently, they look like “Video Handling.graffle”, which I can’t use for the title.

My current workaround is to use one of the document meta data fields (like “Subject”) and manually enter a copy of the title there.


Not really. Well, sort of. OmniGraffle substitutes your document’s display name. Finder hides file extensions by default, so by default OmniGraffle will not display the .graffle extension. If you’ve configured Finder to show this document’s filename extension (using Finder > Get Info), or to display all filename extensions (using Finder > Preferences), then OmniGraffle will display the extension also.

So, yes, it’s technically possible to hide those file extensions, but it’s not very convenient since the mechanism for doing so affects applications other than OmniGraffle. (And depending on which system you’re viewing the document on you can end up with different results.)

I think it would be reasonable for us to add more options here, much like we have options for different date formats.

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I would vote for this as well.
In addition, <%Title%> would be cool.