Documentation for TaskPaper in to 3

Are there any documentation for the New 3.0 Tags as part of Task Paper input. I am trying to create new Workflow and use TaskPaper OmniFocus add, in to create a new task.

So going to answer my own questions for others to find:

Have been searching for things to get this more efficient and found this which has been modified for @tag -

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In fact it hasn’t been updated. You still need to use @context e.g.

test @context(try)

and if you do this

test @context(try) @context(this)

the resulting item only has a tag of this

You can use @tags(try, this) now, too, actually.

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Nice - I was trying @tag(this) but pluralising @tags(this) works, regardless of the # of tags.


Hey, do you know if there is any way to define folders?

I don’t see it here and if @rosemaryjayne can’t get it nobody can ;)

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Folders are not part of the TaskPaper spec’s syntax, but you can define your paste targets when you copy your TP content for pasting in to OF if you’re using a URL scheme to do so (i.e. from Workflow or Drafts or similar).

This thread has some great guidance on that.




Thanks both,
Solved my problem, and some really useful resources there.


So while folders are not part of task paper, if you are using a URL post which worked with 2.0 you can specify folders using the workflow of.

  1. set whatever
  2. copy to clipboard
  3. URL omnifocus:///paste?target=/folder/blah
  4. Open URL

I just tested it and it worked.


OK… I have been doing some testing … and I am trying to get the folders past the first level, and I can not do it for some reason. The first level (top Folder) works great, but when trying /folder/foo/bar it does not work… no matter what I try…

Hopefully someone who has used this before knows more about this and can actually able to clarify a bit if that is even possible.

You don’t need the path/to/folder/, you can simply use the folder’s name, and it will be used as the paste target.