Documented List of Due Date / Defer "shortcuts"

Hey folks,

I know that the Due Date and Defer fields can accept a few shortcuts like “today”, “tomorrow”, “tonight”, and “next week”.

Is there a documented list of what shortcuts are available. I’d love to be able to defer to “this evening”, but it’s not available.



I’m not sure about a list but you can defer things to later in the day by using, eg ‘+4h’ (4hours)

You can also specify the exact time aswell, eg ‘6pm’

or add it as ‘tom 6pm’ (for tomorrow)

I’m unaware of a documented list, but I find that OmniFocus is good at understanding pretty much anything I throw at it.

Here are some examples to add to the list:

0d – today
3h – three hours from now
-1d – yesterday
1w – one week from now
1m – one month from now
1m 3d – 1 month and three days for now
28 – 28th day of the current month
mon – next Monday
fri 1w – 1 week from Friday
fri 1w 21: – 1 week from Friday at 21:00 (9pm)


Nice examples @keypix and @timstringer!

I really struggle to stop myself from typing “this evening”, but maybe I can retrain myself to use some of these. Unless of course the OmniFolks feel like expanding the support.

Just to give a bit more detail on the ones I mentioned:
today – 00:00 (midnight) on the current day
tomorrow – 00:00 (midnight) on the next day
tonight – 23:00 (11pm) on the current day
next week – 00:00 (midnight) on Sunday. Not “next week” if you think of the week starting on a Monday, but hey-ho!
next month – 00:00 (midnight) on the first day of the next month.
next year – 00:00 (midnight) on the first day of the next year. Use this to create your resolutions? 😉

There are some additional options that may be less useful…
last week
last month
last year
this year



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Thanks for sharing your examples as well, @mrk.

It’s worth noting that the default time for tomorrow, next week, etc. are dependent on the Date & Time Preferences. For example, if I specify a defer date of “tomorrow” (or “1d”), OmniFocus will use tomorrow’s date at 3:00 am. Similarly, the default due time in my case is 4:00 pm.

On a side note, these preferences sync across devices. For example, if I specify a default defer time on my Mac, it will also apply to OmniFocus on the iPhone, iPad, and Web.

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