Documents & Data size in iPhone Storage

Hi all,

Anyone have issues with the size of their “Documents & Data” for OmniFocus, as seen in the iPhone Storage section of their device? I have an iPhone 11 Pro where OF tends to consume increasing amounts of file size. It is getting to the point where I am close to running out of space as I have a ton of other documents needed on there. The documents & data size will balloon over 1GB easily. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixes the issue but it comes back after a few days. I have an iPad version of OmniFocus and oddly, there are no issues on that device. This issue happens on OF 3,9, 3,10, and 3.11 (TestFlight version).

I’ve contacted support and they’ve supported me on this, and acknowledge it’s a bug with some index files not being deleted, but offer no permanent solution. I’ve tried to collect console logs for them but it’s hard to know when the files remain ‘stuck’, so I haven’t successful in providing logs when the issue happens.

Anyone have a similar issue? It’s worth checking on your devices as it may be a more general issue - most people don’t bother checking until it becomes an issue. My database size is about ~20MB, with 1030 projects with 10843 actions.

The issue is not fixed when archiving all items older than today, and as well not fixed when compacting the database on my Mac.

I know most will tell me to just upgrade my iPhone to a larger storage size :) but it’s not an option now.

Thanks for making us aware of this.

One my Mac my OF database is under 1MB.
On my iPhone (which I use OF most on), ‘Documents & Data’ is over 400 MB.
However a different iOS device doesn’t have this issue (<10MB).

@valvelifter thanks for the hint. OmniFocus is using a rather large amount of storage on both my iPhone (575 MB) and my iPad (1.49 GB) as well. Moreover, OmniFocus feels sluggish or is outright unresponsive. Maybe there is a connection between both issues. Has anyone else experienced any performance issues?

@hubi I believe the sluggishness you are encountering is related because my OF is also quite sluggish on my iPhone. I sometimes have to wait up to 10 seconds when adding a new item to Inbox, when bringing OF back into the foreground after a while. During this time I often forget what it was I wanted to add to my Inbox in the first place!
I would recommend you open up a ticket so that the developers realize it is an issue hitting other users as well.

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