Does anyone else hate the new omnigraffle?


I am moving from a older version because Omni Graffle didn’t work with my new mac and I seriously hate it.

It’s been a few weeks since I used the old version, but this new version is not intuitive AT ALL. Why can’t I disable the flipping magnets? Things keep sticking to things when i don’t want them to. Then new lines all defalt to one size and not to the size of line I just made? Why does OG think I want to create new line widths and arrow head sizes when making a new line?

Also what is with the green dots, or red dots and the constant snapping to crap. I used to just shut off magnets, but now it snaps and drags and is a mess.

I tried to watch the intor video on the site but it’s beyond horrible. Some live thing that may as well be made by Stevie Wonder trying to explain what he sees. * minutes in and there is literally no info that helps.

Anyone know how to use the old version settings in this new disaster?


Hi! Sorry to hear it’s been so frustrating. Let me see if I can help get your settings back to where they are more comfortable.

  1. When you have the line tool selected, choose the Style you want from the Style well.
  2. Older OmniGraffle versions (OmniGraffle 5 and before) had Route From Object Center turned off by default. You might turn that off and see if the lines behave more how you prefer.
  3. The red and green dots are the Head and Tail of a line. They are trying to connect to things because these 2 checkboxes are enabled.
    You can either uncheck them if you don’t want lines to connect anymore, or hold down Option when drawing with the line tool to avoid connecting things accidentally.

Some users are still using our older versions. If you have suggestions on what would make the transition easier, please reach out to us from Contact Omni under the help menu.

The intro video is to explain what the application is to someone who hasn’t tried it before. You might find more informative. Also check out Welcome to OmniGraffle 7 from the Help menu. Reading about what is new might help more than the basic introduction video, since you are familiar with OmniGraffle overall.

One again, I am sorry to hear about the rough upgrade experience. Hopefully some of these suggestions can help make things easier.