Does anyone else need a dark mode?

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just wanted to let you know that I had a somewhat subconscious resistance to work with OF2, esp. on my iPad. Then I went back to OF1 and, on my new iPad, it was like going from an eye-straining gallery (all white) to star at to a tool inviting you to get your work done. Very astonishing for me.

After I did that, I tested the same on my iPhone, and it worked there, too. There are some drawbacks regarding the UI but since I f. e. knew that there was a “convert to project” function I digged until I found it in OF1.

Even in OSX I felt right at home after going back to OF1. I don’t know exactly what I dislike in the OF2 versions, but at least I need a dark mode in all three apps.

Strange … Did anyone experience the same?



iOS 9 may come with a Dark mode (see: OS X Yosemite), which may either be manually adjusted, or according to the time of the day (‘light’ mode for daytime, ‘night’ mode for nighttime), or environment (ambient light sensor on your iPhone).

Just a guess, but that’s the trajectory that I think they’re going towards.

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I would love to see a dark mode in OF2 on the Mac, I much prefer using the dark UI on the iOS apps and as I do a lot of my work late at night the starkness of the standard UI can be quite hard on the eyes then (even when running f.lux)

I would be happy to have a dark mode (let’s call it “night mode”) in iPad or iPhone version!
Sometimes I use it while yachting and it is not convenient to do it at night.

There is one in the IOS-version if you have OF2! Check the settings. The dark mode is now just missing in the Mac version.

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Oops )))
It really presents on OF for iOS, awfully sorry)

Don’t be - just enjoy!