Does anyone know about - the beauty of Direct Hyperlinks opening files but... not always?


I rely on Direct Hyperlinks for my workflow on my mac

I can select a Pages document in a Finder window - rightclick - Copy “…” - and have a hyperlink to that document in the clipboard

I then paste that hyperlink into OmniOutliner (or OmniFocus for that matter)

Now - when I click on this link in OmniOutliner - it opens the Pages doc in Pages

But - if I quit OmniOutliner or shut down the mac

the next time I open OmniOutliner, this link now simply opens the Finder window where the file is

No longer opening the file directly

Apple can’t help me - because the links don’t work at all in their Native apps

Does anyone know if there is a way to retain this behaviour and not lose it when quitting OO or OF?

Example of a link for

Documents > Quick Tools > Email Launcher (a Pages file)