Does Focus2 Crash your Mac

When I tested the original version of Focus 2 I found that I was having problems, at irregular intervals, with the screen graphics, which usually led to a crash. I wasn’t sure what was causing it, and OmniGroup confirmed that they has no other references.
When those tests were terminated I deleted Focus 2 and haven’t had a problem until … I loaded Focus 2 on the new round of testing.
I like the new layout so would like to continue using it, but if the crashes continue Focus2 will have to be dumped.
If anyone has any comments on the matter I would love to hear them.
I’m always on the latest version of OSX, and the iMac (approaching its 5th birthday) has plenty of memory.

I won’t be much help, but I have never experienced OF2 crashing my Mac. OF2 has crashed because there are bugs being worked out, but the Mac is still going strong while OF2 reopens.

My MacBook hasn’t crashed, but the last two times it woke up OF2 was frozen and needed to force quite and then restart. The second time around it automatically sent a crash report. BTW I’m using build 207557 at present. I’ll download the latest and update.

Revearti: I appreciate that it could be a bug in OF2, but because Omni appear not to be getting reports on this behaviour I have to accept it could be a one off occurrence caused by something in my machine. I was therefore raising the point in case others had experienced something similar, but not necessarily associated it with OF2. Thanks for your comment anyway.

OmniFocus 2 for Mac continues to crash on my MacBook Air. I’m gonna contact support now…