Does OmniFocus have Menubar

Why doesn’t OmniFocus have menubar? I’d love to see menubar and showing the number of items are due.

The Dock icon and sidebar does this but why is the menubar missing?


There is currently no method to show a menubar icon with the due count. The closest you can get is to put OmniFocus in your Notification Center’s Today block.

You can go to OmniFocus settings and click on notifications icon.

You can choose what you would like to show in the Today section of your notification center.

You can also choose a custom perspective to show in the Notification Center.

Switch to the Today panel in Notification Center to see whatever widgets you may have. You can drag OmniFocus up closer to the top to see your OmniFocus list.

I don’t know if I really want a count. If I click on Notification Center and see a bunch of overdue items, I don’t really care how many due or overdue items I have. I just need to get them done.

Omnifocus does have a toolbar, if that is what you meant (menu View: Show Toolbar), but it can’t show a due count. What you can do, if you haven’t already noticed that, is to show a colored line in the Omnifocus sidebar (Preferences: Notifications: Highlight Perspectives: Forecast) when there are due tasks. To me, that is a cleaner and more relaxing sign: if there are any due tasks, I will be reminded. You could also show a due count project by project in the Projects list. If that isn’t enough for you, you could send a feature request to The Omni Group (

No, thankfully, I have a 27" retina iMac and even on that the multitude of menu bar apps vying for attention go half way across (and yes I know about bartender)

I have as much as possible turned off to avoid disruption, no indications on iOS except mail, and no dock badges on OSX. As for Notification Center on OSX never rated it all all. I also have the menu bar hidden by default.

Good advice. I have also disabled as many features as it allowed me just for avoiding future disruption.

I understand the sentiments expressed here by others, but I think it’s important to recognise that many apps at least give users the option of utilising the menu bar so it can please both parties.

Previously I used Wunderlist which was certainly not substantial enough for my needs, but eventually incorporated a very light weight menu bar - it simply allowed you click on the icon and immediately a new task would pop up and you were good to go. Essentially the same functionality as the OmniFocus quick add action shortcut, but they gave you the flexibility of being able to use both the shortcut key option and the menu bar.

I love how you can setup OmniFocus in so many different ways but would love some extra accesibility options within the menu bar. Often I’d like to permanently see how many items are due / overdue without having to click on my notification centre or swing down to my hidden dock. No different than my emails - I have them setup in my menu bar where I can always see how many new emails I have without having to swipe or click anything. If you were also able to click on the app in the menu bar and have a very lightweight list showing your current / overdue items that would be even more helpful for when you don’t want to have to load up OmniFocus in it’s entirety.

From what I can see on these forums, there previously was a menu bar option integrated but was removed?

I saw a comment or two from users expressing how much they missed this functionality.

It would be so useful for myself, and no doubt others too. If there are those who find it invasive and distracting then just turn it off…

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Since my post, I started using Todoist strictly for work and continued OmniFocus for home. I was just about to start transferring my Todoist work setup over to OmniFocus for a test run when I realised something I would sorely miss from Todoist…the menu bar functionality! Check out this:

I like to see my due task count at a glance. Not a click. And I like to be able to add a new task by clicking on that area where I glance at instead of remembering a shortcut. My guess is that Todoist provides a shortcut option too for those who don’t want the Menu Bar functionality.

The thing about OmniFocus that I continue to be impressed by is how customisable and flexible it is. It’s why I choose it over just about every other task manager. Whenever I use a different product (such as Todoist in this particular scenario) I end up frustrated because of it’s limitations which leads me back to OmniFoucs. So why is it then that OmniFocus have decided that menu bar functionality is not an element of their product in which users would like the level of flexibility their product offers in all other area? Why not at least give users the option to have a menu bar rather than insisting that they can’t have the option?

I will be sending this post through to OmniFocus as a formal feature request.


Overall, I tend to ignore that little number which indicates due tasks. I’ve become numb to any numbers. The only numbers I pay attention to is battery percentage and the calendar date.

That Todoist menubar looks pretty bare. I thought it would show a few tasks in there. I’ve never really used Todoist so please bear with my ignorance.

You don’t like seeing the due count in the dock? OmniFocus will show you at a glance a badge number on top of the OmniFocus app icon in the Mac OS Dock.

It’s 2018 and I’m still waiting for this feature. Perhaps it will be in OF 3?

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Have you mailed Omni support to request this? They don’t necessarily pick up this Lind of post and add it to the request list

NEED THIS! Omnifocus in the menu bar for quick access!

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+1 please for this little great thing

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With the OF Quick Entry shortcut deeply embedded in my motor memory, I don’t think I’d every need a menu to add a task (not saying I don’t like menu bar apps; this certainly would be a nice addition because you could also have other options).

One not-too-horrible workaround would be to use Keyboard Maestro to create a palette.

Have you guys tried Monoflow yet, it gives you a menubar for OF, things, Reminders, todaist etc.?

OmniFocus does have a widget - I have a perspective just for data to show in the widget. Not quite as visible as a menu bar count but only a swipe away.