Does OmniGraffle have an Erase Tool?

Maybe I’m having a brain fart, but I could not figure out if OmniGraffle has an eraser tool? I looked for it under “Help” and no results were found. I also searched this forum, still no results. I want to erase some stuff from the drawings. Possible? I have been using iDraw and decided to check OmniGraffle out.

OmniGraffle does not have a freeform eraser tool, but you can use Subtract Shapes to achieve the same effect. Draw a shape that represents the area you’d like to erase and Subtract it from your other shape.

Is substract the new erase?

Would it be an idea to incorporate the term erase in the help file? I just checked, and it does not appear in the OmniGraffle manual (v6.1.0.0) either.

Freeform erase is not subtract.