Does OmniOutliner import MORE files?

Howdy. So I was looking around and there was some suggestions on the web that Omnioutliner actually could import old MORE 3.1 files. Did this ever happen and if so, does it still exist?

For that matter, I’m actually kind of curious: MORE was widely considered the gold standard for outliners; how does OmniOutliner stack up against that old program?


I miss cloning.

I posted a request here asking for help building an AppleScript to work through a list of MORE files, and convert them to OO3.

Could anyone at Omni help me with this, please?

So after spending some time with OmniOutliner, I’ve concluded that it’s main strengths over MORE are the better styling (Though MORE had some nice stuff there) as well as columns, plus Applescript in the Pro version.

Main things MORE still has over OmniOutliner seem to be Cloning, multiple selection (the shortcuts MORE had for selecting various combination of rows, like all level 2 rows, for instance), and of course the easy tree and chart views. I suppose Linkback enables something roughly similar to happen with Omnigraffle? If so then I think that’s a bit of wash.

Is OmniOutliner a Linkback provider as well as a consumer? I’m thinking of using OmniOutliner, say, to create an initial document draft and then dump it to Nisus Writer. Does Linkback at all work in this kind of scenario, or should I just rely on the RTF export as a one time deal?