Does the Pro upgrade still exist in the Universal iOS app? [A: Yes.]

Yeah I don’t know if there is going to be an in-app purchase for pro features or if it’ll be included.

It is funny though that the iPad app alone does give you a $10 savings over the other three scenarios. I wonder if it will end up costing that $10 difference and whoever wrote the blog post overlooked that or what (I certainly did but I don’t own an iPad). Sounds like when it comes out if you don’t own the iPhone one already you can own them both for $10 cheaper if you buy the iPad version first. Weird.

So after paying $40 for the Universal App, one still have to fork out more money for the Pro features?

It doesn’t seem like it. We’ll see.

The pro features never really struck me as game-changing anyway…


I got more than my money’s worth when I bought the pro upgrade. I guess customized sidebars and custom perspectives wasn’t worth the pro upgrade price for some folks?

Ummm… yes? Why wouldn’t you?

Correct - the Pro upgrade is a separate, optional upgrade in the current iPad-only app, and that will remain the case in the Universal one.

The v1 editions of OmniFocus were all-inclusive purchases with the Pro-level feature set. While many customers were happy to purchase the app at the higher price point, we also heard from people that ended up paying for features they didn’t actually use. We added the lower-priced (and less complex) Standard editions of v2 to solve that problem.

It’s entirely possible that we would have done better under the old system than we do under this one, but that’s not how we want to succeed as a company. As much as possible, we want to profit from selling things that people actually find useful.

As I understand it, since the Universal app will be an update to the current iPad app, rather than a whole new app, it’s basically the same “Pro” upgrade for users who have already purchased it.

In other words, if you bought the iPad app and the “Pro” upgrade already, you’ll still have the “Pro” features when you add that version to your iPhone (subject to feature parity between the two platforms, of course, which I believe is supposed to be close to 100%).

Note that since I don’t work for Omni, I’m speculating based on what I’ve read elsewhere and knowing how the App Store works, so @Brian or somebody else can jump in and correct me if I’m wrong.

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Correct; if you’ve purchased Pro, you’ll be able to use those features in the Universal app regardless of what device that app is currently running on. (But if someone’s only used OmniFocus for iPhone, they will need to purchase Pro after they switch to the Universal one if they want access to those features.)

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A follow-on question: I purchased OF1 and 2 for iPad. Now that the app is universal, how do I access Pro features on my iPhone? Will just loading the OF-1 iPad app on iPhone work?


Once you complete the free In-App Purchase for Pro from your iPad, navigate to the Pro Upgrade window on your iPhone and tap “Restore Purchases.” More information on this can be found at the bottom of this support article: Buying the Pro Upgrade in OmniFocus 2 for iOS

I hope this helps!