Double-clicking text field for edit freezes app

Omnigraffle 6.1, Yosemite 10.10.1.

Anyone else having this app go unresponsive when they double a text field? Used to just hang for a few (too many) seconds but now it’s an all out freeze and force quit every time. I’m working with the support crew to isolate the issue (sending activity monitor and sysdiag files as requested) but I figured I’ll poll in parallel to see if I’m alone and/or if anyone has any clues. Much appreciated.

No freezes but very sluggish yes. And very different response time behavior between iMac vs MBPr. 6.1 is weird. At one time I did a ‘repair disk permissions’ in ‘Disk Utility’ which found a bunch of stuff (there is always something to repair) and to my surprise OG 6.1 became much more responsive when switching inspectors. Weird, I don’t see why this would help but it is painless and quick, you might as well give that a try.

yohst2 - this totally worked. thanks a ton for this.