Down arrow opens note field

I have an OmniOutliner file that’s acting strange. When the editing cursor is in a row, and I hit the down arrow to leave that row and go to the next row, instead, the note field appears and the cursor goes into it.

What’s even stranger is that if I go up to the first row that did this, then hit the down arrow, it doesn’t do it again. It seems to happen the first time you down-arrow out of a row.

Other OmniOutliner files don’t do this. I’ve attached a video.

Any ideas what’s causing this, or how to fix this file

I couldn’t reproduce it. Perhaps, you have a space in the note field ? Though, it doesn’t seem like that’s the case from the video.

Long shot: it isn’t possible, is it, that you have the down arrow inadvertently configured as a shortcut for Return?

I can’t reproduce it, either, because it only seems to happen in one file. I’ll contact support.