Downgrade back to OF 1?

I’ve given up on OF2 - the complete and total lack of customization (you can’t even resize columns!) is absolutely mind-blowing. So, since I can’t afford to waste any more time fighting a tool that forces users into a very very very very narrow view of how people do/should work, I’m going back to OF1.

Are there any special tips/instructions to go back to OmniFocus 1, or will just deleting 2, and installing 1, revert back with the database intact?


no, you can’t do that. But you can copy your database file from the ~/Library/Containers… location to ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus location and revert back.

So new question - does OF1 work on 10.10? If so, then I’m good. If not, well, then we’re at the mercy of Omni fixing the problems (i.e. restoring basic functionality from OF1).

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I´m having the same problem. My vision is very bad, and I´m dependent on very big fonts in order to work. This is so annoying! Please make it possible to change fonts, OF-staff!!

I went back to OF1 as well. I have both versions installed and sync via the Omni Sync Server with know issues.

Same here, I also gave up OF2 for many reasons. I wish OmniTeam would actually be reading and responding to concerns of the users, not just back petting and assuring OF2 is the biggest success on iTunes and AppStore.

I also have downgraded back to OF1. I could no longer stand the ineffeciencly with which it handled any workflow I tried to throw at it. Also, the UI, the mode I interacted with it, it more I disliked it. At least with OF1
my dislike of the UI is minor and constant and I can see and analyse my tasks clearly