Drag and Drop Calendar Events Issue

Just to be clear, this is a problem with Calendar, not OmniFocus:

On the iPad It’s possible to drag a calendar event to OmniFocus, and OF creates a task with a due date set exactly as you’d expect. This is a really useful feature.

Unfortunately though, the Calendar app blocks drag of events for which I have no edit permission - ie. other people’s events to which I’m invited.

I’ve tried fastastical and this doesn’t have that limitation but it exports a weird format targeted at sending via email. OmniFocus just gets a bunch of text lines (many blank if the event has a note) but no due date.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

It’s annoying ! Here is a starting point of a workaround with Worflow. Not sure it really helps you. It seems simpler to create a new task in OF (with siri) and check your calendar for further informations.

Thanks, I’m actually using WorkFlow app for this, it throws up a list of the next 2 weeks events and adds the ones I pick in a loop until I quit. It’s functional but seeing hundreds of events in a list rather than a calendar view lacks clarity.

My workflow is a bit complicated I’m afraid, but here it is:

Wow ! You’re a Workflow ninja. Here is a suggestion : you can add a calendar in iOS, create a workflow to find every event with attendees in the next weeks and add those in the new calendar. When an event is not available for Drag and Drop, switch to the new calendar to do it.
Let me know if it makes sense.

Thanks ;-)

Hmm, Interesting idea. I wonder if there’s a way to prevent creating duplicates?