Drag and Drop Cells App


I am looking for a an app, something similar to a calendar app, where you can drag the cells from one column to another. Does such an app exist? Apparently, if there is not an app for it, my brain refuses to cooperate with the workarounds, and I am not even a millennial! I want to use this app to create my weekly schedule. I tried OmniOutliner, Excel, other college apps, but I cannot drag cells around, which if it did, would have solved my problem. I do not want to use my google calendar because I need to see one week rather than to pre-schedule events that I might not do. I tried it, and it is not working for me.


You can drag and drop cells in Numbers. However I’d recommend using the Calendar app as you can drag and drop events, add reminders and/or notes if necessary, and even colour code by creating different calendars.


Thank you for the Numbers suggestion! I use the Calendar app for appointments and such, but I needed something to set a habits schedule. Otherwise, the Calendar app can get too crowded and I feel overwhelmed.