Drag and drop from Mail : missing link to original message

I love the new drag and drop feature from iOS 11 on the iPad!

It’s very useful to be able to drag and drop a mail into the OmniFocus window to create a task.

But : sometimes, the task is created and title of mail message is set as task title, but the link to the original mail message is missing. Sometimes, OF does correctly and adds into the notes field the link to the mail message, but sometimes not. I can’t explain why it works sometimes and sometimes not.

Do you have any idea or solution to this problem?

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If you haven’t already done so, it would be a good idea to send an email to Omni support, so that they are formally notified of this issue

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Thank you Nick for your feedback. I will do so, I will send an email to Omnigroup support.

OmniFocus includes the link whenever Mail provides a URL for the dragged message. But Mail sometimes fails to provide a URL, and when it doesn’t there’s nothing OmniFocus can do.

I’ve noticed that Mail seems to be consistent about which messages it provides a URL for and which it doesn’t. My guess is that it succeeds or fails based on the contents of the underlying Message-Id header, since I believe that’s used to generate the link.

Hopefully Apple will be able to track down and fix this bug in a future update to Mail in iOS. In the meantime, the more information we all provide them with about success/failure patterns the easier it will be for them to track down.

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Thank you Ken to care about that.

After extended tests, I remarked that in my case it’s pretty inconsistent. With the same message, maybe it will not work first (means « doesn’t copy the link to the message »). Then I drag another message that copies correctly the link. Then I drag again the first message and it works (copies the link)… so, very inconsistent.

I hope that it will be fixed because it’s a nice feature, but without the link to the original message, it’s not so useful…


I’ve had this problem as well and failed a report with support. They haven’t been able to replicate it, although rechecking the email on my iPad the problem remains. In my case the mail had a word and a pdf attachment. I have no idea if that makes a difference or not. It is an inconsistent (and fortunately rare) occurrence for me as well.

OF 3 Pro version. - OmniFocus/3.12.2/GM-v149.17.43
MacBook Pro M1
OS 12 Monterey 12.0.1

Mail drag and drop will not work if both apps are on the second monitor

Mail drag and drop does work with OF or MAIL on the laptop display and the other on the second display

go figure…