Drag and drop TO calendar / fantastical


Hello there,

Forgive me if the answer to this is somewhere else, although I couldn’t it…

In iOS OF3, it’s possible to drag a task into calendar, to create a new event that has a link back to the original OmniFocus task in the notes. This appears to be the default behaviour.

In fantastical however, the same action only creates a reminder in the calendar. Is it possible to get fantastical to behave in the same way as standard iOS calendar? That would be hugely useful…


This sounds like something that needs to be done on the Fantastical side. I recommend asking them to implement it.


Well, before sending that feature request to Flexibits, I tried it out… Fantastical works exactly like Calendar for me: dragging creates an event with link to OF.


I agree with Enteecee that Fantastical works the same as Calendar. In fact, Fantastical is better than Calendar because it is, as far as I know, the only calendar app that uses Estimated Duration from OF as the appointment duration. Every other calendar app uses the calendar’s default duration and ignores any Estimated Duration that you may have assigned in OF.


On iOS? Huh…
That’s really odd. For me it sets a reminder task, but not an actual event…

I wonder if thre’s Something i’ve Not got setup in fantastical right…


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