Drag and Drop to other apps?

Copy and paste is working fine; I’m just curious if this is possible?

You can drag files to the OmniGraffle icon to import them into the current document or open them if the format can be opened. OmniGraffle is also a drag source depending on what you have selected, for example, you can select text, drag it and drop it into Mail and that will work. What you can’t do is have a mixed text/graphic selection or drag and drop an image from OmniGraffle into another application. We do have several choices in the context menu to Copy As that can be useful if you want to control the image format when you paste content into another application. If drag & drop of images or a mixed text/image selection is a feature you’d like to see, please send us an email at omnigraffle@omnigroup.com. We use email to account for the overall demand. If others reading this post would also like to see this feature, please email us a request as well.

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