Drag & Drop and SiriKit integration in OmniFocus 2.21 TestFlight (requires iOS 11)

I’m so excited about this! I signed up for the beta and hope to be lucky enough to take part.

Please to be describing more about this rich Siri integration!

Our latest blog post describes this in more detail:

Testing the OmniFocus integration of SiriKit on iOS 11

Is there a specific place to provide feedback on this beta?


Sorry but this is not clear to me. Where do you want us to provide feedback for the beta? Do you want us to identify other IOS 11 issues or just focus specifically on the drag-and-drop and SiriKit integration?

As there’s a feature you mention here: https://discourse-test.omnigroup.com/t/alternatives-to-dispatch/32865/13 isn’t working for me - I’ve tried IMAP and activesync accounts and all I get in OF is the subject, no link or other context.

The best way to send us TestFlight feedback is to use Settings > Contact Omni inside the app. The app will fill in a subject line that tells us exactly which test build you’re using.

All feedback is welcome. We definitely want to identify and squash all those bugs by the time iOS 11 ships!

That’s coming in the next TestFlight build. You’ll be able to drag & drop email, contacts, and URLs to create tasks which have notes about the dragged item; you’ll also be able to drop items on Forecast to assign due dates.


How the translation is donde in Siri?

I have my phone in english but Siri in Spanish (I’m from Spain). I tried to use Siri with Omnifocus with the examples showed on the blog post in spanish and some times it works and most of the time does another not related thing.

Even with the exact same sentence Siri answer is not always the same and not always recognice that she can do things with the app.

Also when I say remind me somethig, some time the Reminders app apear and other times she adds it directly to Omnifocus.

Really not consistent behaviour, really cool stuff though, great job.

You can try this… https://www.howtoisolve.com/use-drag-and-drop-in-ios-11-on-iphone/ don’t know if really does what you need