Drag & Drop for order AND start times of Tasks?

There have been posts about this before, regarding the drag & drop in Forecast view (and others) – but I’m thinking of a bit more… Not sure whether this is a feature that would get any/much support, so would appreciate some feedback… :)

[This arguably draws heavily from task management apps on iOS].

Given my default time for due tasks is 11h00, after entering a bunch of tasks for tomorrow, I then decided to try more of a granular approach, keeping an eye on appointments – and when I’ll get to office, of what needs to be done 1st, and by when.

The only way I can see of rearranging the tasks in Forecast view, is to adjust the time of all the Due Items. This is tedious, to say the least.
Then I started thinking:

What if the forecast view, worked similarly to the Calendar/Appointment view in Outlook?
Over there, you can increase/decrease meeting/appointment times, by simply dragging the edges of the appointment down/up. Fantastical and the others work similarly.

So let’s say that the Task list in the Forecast view, has a series of gridlines dividing the tasks – nothing too obtrusive, just to make a distinction between 1 task and the next. The first task requires a “start time”, possibly to be entered manually.

One could then have a default duration time set in preferences. Let’s say that is set to 30 minutes.
If the 1st task is set to start at 08h00, by virtue of the default setting, the 2nd task, will automatically be set to start at 08h30. This could be adjusted by “pulling” task one down – say to 08h45. Automatically, Task 2 then begins at 08h45 etc. etc.

By dragging the order of the Tasks around, and pulling/pushing the gridlines about, one could quickly (a.) set the order of the tasks of the day AND (b) their duration.

Of course, the above would automatically adjust the times in the info fields of the relevant task.
Anything entered in the usual manner, would override the drag/drop option.
For example, let’s say I have 3 tasks up to 10h00.
But between 10h00 and 11h00, I have a meeting – that appears below in the Calendar view, and is not a “task” per se, in the task list.
If I go and make the 4th task “start” at 11h00, then the remainder of the tasks below, will adjust accordingly i.e. from 11h00 onwards.

And, there would need to be options regarding an override of the above, for those who don’t want such granular control, and prefer to see the “Due” at the top etc.

Apologies for the lengthy post – but I’ve hopefully been able to explain what I’m thinking about.

Anyone else think this could be useful?
Or am I being a complete moron, having missed a real-easy way of getting the above done already/currently?