Drag & drop perspectives - non-standard behavior

Ordinarily on iOS one can drag an item, then use another finger to scroll or otherwise navigate the background while dragging.

This is not the case in OF 3 when editing perspectives. By default new perspectives are created at the bottom of the list. One then needs to drag them to the top and wait for the main area to scroll down. This would be much easier if the app used standard iOS drag & drop behavior.

It’s using the custom drag and drop implementation from OmniFocus 2, so multitouch doesn’t work. Other higher traffic areas had to take priority.

I imagine they’ll rebuild it using standard drag and drop eventually but for now, no finger gymnastics.

They’re launching a version with loads of new capability to create new perspectives…but then they don’t harness existing system frameworks to actually make it easier to create and organise those new perspectives?

There’s only so much time to spend. Which feature of 3 would you have sacrificed to have standard drag and drop behaviour in the home screen?

Or would you have preferred it launch later in June when the work done could delay or decrease the quality of features added to support new iOS features?