Drag mail link to note

In Ominfocus v1 I could drag a mail message to the note area and have a link to the message associated with the action. Omnifocus 2 appears not to support that, or not to support it as a drag 'n drop action. Is it supported in some other way? Is it planned to be supported “later”?

Dragging a link works for me, FYI. I’m using MailMate.

Mail messages from mail cannot be dropped on the Note field in the Information pane to create a URL link.

  • open mail
  • find and confirm that you can drag a message to the Desktop and create a file
  • open a task in OF
  • show the information pane
  • try to drag the previous email message from mail in to the Note pane of the task
    —> drag + drop does not work to create a URL to the message

If this is a bug, please fix it. If this is the standard operational mode, please change it. If I am doing something wrong, please let me know.

Getting te same behavior here. When I drag a Mail message to the Notes field, OF is no longer creating a link to the original message. Is this a bug? Thanks.

MacBook Pro 2016, Sierra 10.12.3

If I am correct Apple Mail no longer supports this due to sandboxing. I use the clip-o-Tron to do that. Just select text you want or the whole message and then use shortcut keys or select from the drop down. It will copy the selected portion and the link to the mail message.

clip-o-tron link