Drag 'n' Drop Attachments to notes are links only? [A: option-drag to embed]

Is this me or is this a bug? When I try to add an attachment to a note:

a) I can only drag and drop onto the main action note field and not the inspector action field
b) Files are attached as links only when drag and dropped which get broken when sync’ing to other deices as the file itself doesn’t get attached

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I think this feature was carried over from OmniFocus (1). I remember dragging a file into the notes section of a task, and then having deleted the file, being unable to open it.

If you option-drag, the file will be embedded rather than linked. Watch for the green plus icon on your cursor. (The curly arrow means it will be linked.)

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Thanks - that’s useful, but counter intuitive to me. Would it be possible to reverse that action so that normal drag’n’drop embeds and option dragging creating the link?


We link by default because it has less impact on the amount of data sync requires. Customers have asked us to be sensitive of the amount of data we consume - particularly in locales where data usage is capped/limited/expensive.


What about trofanna’s issue a)? I’m experiencing the same thing. Actually I reported it in an e-mail maybe a week ago. Known bug, or…?

Inability to drag to that inspector field sounds like an known issue that we’re tracking. (We’re looking at every email that comes in, and filing stuff, but with this many people in the test program, we’re not able to respond to as many emails as we would under normal circumstances.)

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I can’t seem to drag-and-drop to any notes field either, whether in the Inspector bar or in a single task’s notes field. Whenever I have a file I want to attach, dropping it onto the task I want to attach it to creates a child for that task — and the child has no task name, only the attachment as its note. Not sure what to do about this one.

Me too. I can’t drag-and-drop to any notes field neither in the Inspector bar nor in a single task’s notes field.
Reported it a long time ago to the support. Nothing happend.

I too am having trouble dragging and dropping attachments to the notes section of an action item. Dragging the file with the option key depressed doesn’t do any good. This is not an issue of getting the link to the file.

Any assistance?

Does dragging applications still work? For example I used to be able to make a task called “Check Messages” and drag in the Messages app from the /Applications folder as a link/alias to click on to open the Messages app.

In the lates version 3.4.2 on Mojave (10.14.6), the operation will appear to work and an app will appear in the notes for the task, but clicking on the icon to launch will fail. In the Messages example above, I’ll get an error that the application “Messages 1” can’t be found.

Is this broken for good?