Dragging to do's to folders inside of a Project is clunky

I have several very large projects with 20+ actions that have sub actions. Some of these also have sub sub actions. I pour to do’s into that project at a rate of about 20 per week. Once they are in there, I have to categorize them into each of the folders. The drag/drop feature where I could select a bunch of actions and move them all at the same time to one of the top heirarchy actions was much smoother in the old interface. Dragging actions to top levels that are off the screen in OF2 is super tricky now. Any thoughts?

I do a similar thing where I am dumping actions into existing large projects that I later on have to review and organize.

One thing that I do to get them organized quickly is shift-select a bunch that will all go together and then hit shift-G to group them. I can then use the shift-U and shift-D keys to get them relatively quickly to the right neighborhood. I might then delete the subproject that I had used to move them.

Another thing that I think is nice enhancement in OF2 is when you are dragging an action the system highlights the immediate parent container that you would be dropping into. I look for that to make sure I am dropping into the right location.