Dragging to reorder tagged items

Does anyone know why items seem to resist being dragged much of the time? Almost always if I am moving an item to the top of the list I have to first move it to second-to-top. And it seems to randomly work half the time to drag an item anywhere. Trying again usually doesn’t fix it and I have to just move it part of the way to where I want it to go before trying again.
The fact that repeating gets the same result makes me wonder: am I missing something?

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I had that problem earlier in action groups, and it was then (March 2019) a known bug. I did a quick test now, and it seems to be ok here. Do you use the latest version of Omnifocus?

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Yes. It’s been about the same for me as far as I remember the last couple years. Multiple devices. Perhaps it did get somewhat better but it still makes reordering items annoying and uninviting.

@Hal9K I think you should use latest version of Omnifocus it will solve your problem. If there will any issue you will ask us.

This is not specific to iOS. Same on the MacOS version. I have support requests #2249810 open since September 2019. Back then Omni said it was a “new bug” but they don’t seem to be able to reproduce it. It doesn’t happen always to me, but in about 20% of cases when I drag something to either the first or last slot.

That is exact what happens here. Same on iOS and Mac OS. It happens especially when I try to drag an item to the end of the list, it then flips to the start of the list. But not always. I use the latest versions of Omnifocus on every device

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