Dropping and changing tags in OF3

In OF2, it was possible to change a task’s context by dragging it into a new context. In OF3, if I try that, I have a task with the new tag as well as the old one.

I used to use this approach in OF2 to quickly change the status of tasks (i.e. from Next Action to Waiting For).

Is there any way to drag a task out of one tag and into another, whilst discarding the old tag?


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After three years(!) of less efficient Weekly Reviews thanks to OF2 removing the Inbox from the Projects list, I was dreading how OF3 was going to disrupt my workflow now that the Inbox is (finally) back.

Seems like you found it.

On the basis that what you try (on a Mac) is usually what you need to do, I option-dragged a task to a new tag, but that just created a copy of the task with both old and new tags.

I also tried cutting the task from the old tag and pasting it under the new tag, but that also just added the new tag to the old tag.

Seems like the required workflow is “click on the + icon which annoyingly appears whenever you hover over a task, type in the name of the new tag, select the old tag and hit delete”: the task will now have “moved” to the new tag.


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That feels pretty stodgy. A case of “being careful what you wish for”…

I can see that it’s difficult to have the benefit of multiple tags, and at the same time the ability to discard old information.

To be fair, if I recall the same problem would occur with Things 3, or Todoist. There’s a lesson here to be very careful how tags are used. Sparingly.

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