Due Again with specific days?

The “Due Again” feature is great when missing a repeating item a few times, as the next due date will jump to the next available day after checking it off. How this be accomplished with repeating tasks which occur for specific days of the week? The days to click for “Due Again” are grayed out when set to 1 week.

Example: (Today is Monday)
Title: Workout
Due: Tues @ 1pm
Repeat Every: 1 week (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Skip working out Tues and Wed
Work out on Thurs
Now we have to check off the Tues due date, Wed due date, and Thurs due date
It would have been better to check off the Tues due date and the next repeating due date would be Fri

Jeez, this really seems like a calendar appointment, not a task.

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Hi, Mr. CatOne.

I assume that James just gave an example, so your reply is not exactly helpful. Let me give you a real world example:

I need to check that my guys did calibrations on certain instruments twice a week. (I have many instruments)
So, I have check 059TT2908P448 every Monday and Thursday. I don’t HAVE to do it, and I can do it at any time during the specific day, but I need to be reminded which ones I have checked, and which I haven’t checked. But, now I happen to go on seminar, leave, whatever for a day or two. (or a week, whatever)

Now, when I resume my schedule, I have to check each one more than once to have it scheduled properly again.

Also, it seems illogical to have something you check off reschedule itself for 2 days ago. Why would you need that to happen?

@JamesValero and @johsny, I feel your pain here sometimes as well. Unfortunately, whenever it happens, I have to edit the task and defer it myself. I wish it would behave like @johsny describes, or that Omni would at least implement swipe actions for deferring tasks… both, great features to be added in the future, IMHO.
I know the Omni ninjas are working on polishing the Watch app and eliminating bugs, but I strongly suggest you send then an email, as this is the only official way for feature (and support) requests to be considered.
The more the votes, the better. With me, and you both it would be already 3. Let’s do it ;-)

> omni@omnigroup.com <

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@johsny Thanks for the real-world example. I used yours in the email to omnigroup.
@ediventurin Sent :)

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Ok, email sent. Let’s gang up on them. :o)

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A post in here was flagged as inappropriate and hidden, but after reviewing the thread, I’m un-hiding it. While brief, there was nothing inappropriate about the post to my eye.

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