"Due" date drop-down when "Defer until" set

When using “Defer until”, it would be nice if the drop-down for the “Due” date would start at the “Defer until” date rather than today.

Just now, for example, I set a reminder to cancel a recurring subscription (not OmniFocus 😎) whose next billing date is some months away. I set the “Defer until” to the date I want, which means clicking “Next month” in the drop-down several times and then doing the same thing with the “Due” drop-down. Since “Due” should always appear on or after “Defer until”, it would be nice if the drop-down started with the “Defer until” date.

This doesn’t mean that “Due” should be auto-set to the “Defer until”, though, because it’s still legitimate to defer a task but not have a due date. Only the action of clicking on the calendar icon should trigger the above behaviour.



I encourage you to email this suggestion to the Omni Group if you haven’t already. You can contact them by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu (Mac) and Settings (iPhone & iPad).

To avoid this „problem“ I am simply typing the defer to and the due date yyyymmdd. I know that this is not a highly sophisticated strategy but it works. Possibly you could use s.th. Like +2m and +2m+1w which would make it even more flexible.

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