Due date format conflict within same activity (MM/DD/YY vs DD/MM/YY)

I just upgraded to OmniFocus 2 and am experiencing a bug related to the Due Date.

This is the date I want: July 12 2014:

When I double click on the date in the expanded calendar in the Inspector Pane, this is what I get:

  1. 12/7/14 in the Due Date field in the activity
  2. 7/12/14 in the Due Date field in the Inspector pane
  3. December 7 2014 in the expanded calendar

When I check other activities, some show the same conflict, while others are fine, i.e. they show the same format in the Due Date field in the activity, the Due Date field in the Inspector pane, and the expanded calendar.

I have the same issue across my synced Macs using the latest OSX version. My iPhones are fine.

Hope to see a fix soon …


Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We’ve seen a few reports of this and aren’t sure what’s causing it yet. I recommend emailing omnifocus@omnigroup.com with a screenshot of your system date format.

Here’s an example: