Due dates on web app

I use OFW on a small laptop screen and like to keep the inspector hidden. This means I can’t easily set defer dates which I use a lot more than due dates. With due dates being in the main outline, I’m assuming the Omni Group has data that points to due dates being used more than defer dates for most users. That being the case, I’m interested to hear how people use due dates. Surely it’s not because everything has a hard deadline.

I agree - would love defer dates to be more prominent.


I use due dates only for hard deadlines. There are not too many in my life. The same goes for defer dates. Don‘t see a reason why one should be displayed more prominent than the other.

@stephen2 With e.g. Microsoft Edge the zooming experience (e.g. 80%) is not that bad. Maybe then it‘s too small for you to read.

I use Defer dates extensively, to tell me when I expect to start or to continue or to follow up. Due dates mean what they say, so are uncommon, and usually have a prior Defer date to make sure I hit Due anyway, except for quick tasks.

I would very much like Defer dates to be more prominent or the default for date setting for when the Inspector is not visible.

Does Omni have any general data on this?

I used due dates (and defer dates) a lot within project actions to break my work up over a longer time frame, especially where I create a project from a template. Otherwise a project to review a document may have 120 actions due on the same day.