Due or Flagged - Hidden gotchas or buggy?

I have a “Due or Flagged” view. The status filter is “Due or Flagged”

It seems to not work properly, but I’m guessing I’m missing something.

Sometimes it seems to work properly. But sometimes things that should be there don’t show up. For instance I just created an item that is flagged AND due today (and the due time is past). And yet is isn’t showing up in my view. What am I missing?

I’m assuming your filter is constraining to “available” tasks. As a test, does the list include everything if you set it to “remaining”? If so, there’s an availability blocker in play.

Here are things that might block availability:

  • not in an ”on hold” context
  • not in an “on hold” project
  • not in a sequential project that blocks them

Hope that helps!


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Great tip! That’s exactly the type of thing I was thinking about. It’s currently working, but the next time I see a missing task, I’ll check this out. Thank you.