Due today OR flagged perspective

Please help me create a custom perspective of items that are either due today, OR are flagged. Using OF3 in iOS.

I made one like this which has items that are “due soon” OR are flagged. But that includes items also due tomorrow.

Thank you in advance.


I think you just need to go into settings and change the setting for “due soon” to make it mean “today”.


Perfect! Great tip!!! Thank you so much; you made my day!

The other option that I use (because I like due soon included in these views) is to defer the due soon things to when you do want to see them.

In that way, they show up early in a perspective like this as a “first alert”, but then I can deliberately set them to when I want that next alert.

The above fix is probably a better solution for your needs, but thought I’d add an alternative option just in case.



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Yes, I could be better about using defer dates.

I tried using OF notifications in addition to due dates. However, I could not find a way to see a list of upcoming notifications, as you can with due dates.

And I also could not figure out how to see notifications on Apple Phone and watch. Once you look at an iOS notification of an OF notification, it disappears from iOS. The iOS notifications of OF due dates don’t disappear. Any help here? I’d love to use due dates for when something is actually due :)

Custom notifications can be set on iOS and are coming to Mac in 3.2 (which is, I believe, pretty imminent and is in public beta).

One of the other things I’ve taken to doing is using Estimated Duration in concert with enabling the “Latest Start” notification, which alerts at the due time minus the Estimated Duration. An easy way to set a second notification. 😁



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