Duplicate Forecast perspective?

I searched but didn’t find my answer.

I’m new to OmniFocus and want to use it for both work and personal. Is there a way to duplicate (or create a new one) the Forecast perspective so I can have a Forecast for personal stuff and one for Work stuff without having to fiddle with filters in the single Forecast perspective?


Hi there! Welcome to OmniFocus.

At the moment, the app doesn’t support duplicating the built-in perspectives. You might consider using the Focus feature, though – with the Pro upgrade, you can choose a project or folder to Focus on. Once you’re Focused, only items from the selected project or folder will appear throughout the app, including in Forecast. Lots of people find this useful for the kind of work/personal split you’re talking about: you can Focus on work during the day, then Focus on everything else when you’re at home.

You can learn more about the Pro upgrade on the OmniFocus product page, and if you have any questions, of course feel free to get in touch with our support team. Thanks for choosing OmniFocus!


@tekl just wish Focus would be available on iOS too ;-)


Sure would be handy! I went ahead and added your vote to that bug.


Thanks all.

Since I’m already on Pro, I’ll use Focus and I created a couple of custom perspective.

Just wanted to revive the topic
I just bought OF2 pro for iOS and is really useful for professional use to support pro on mac.
I still have the problem to distinguish Work from Life in the forecast, duplicating it would be awesome.