Duplicate task, then turn off repeat

I have a number of repeating projects. After fighting with varying combinations of keywords, defer dates, etc, I have decided to give up on trying to get defer and repeat to work together the way I want.

I received a suggestion, and it is a good one for me:
Duplicate a project, strip the repeat from the new project, complete the repeating one.
This lets me set up the repeat to trigger the next instance of the project correctly, while allowing me to set timing/tags on the “current” instance without worrying about it being mis-applied to the next time.

Can anyone think of a way to automate some, most, or all of this process in OF3?
(The steps would seem to be:
Duplicate a project
Complete one version of that project
Strip the defer/due date from the incomplete version

2 out of 3 would suffice, though obviously all 3 would be super slick.
I’m a rookie when it comes to automation.

Thank you very much for your help.

Sometime ago, I published this Plug-In. Does it solve part of your problem ?

That totally does the duplication part, thank you. Is there a way to complete all the tasks in one of the projects (honestly, doesn’t matter which but I imagine the original, not the duplicate, would be easier to pull off?

Something like this ?

Duplicate & Complete Project.omnijs (1.3 KB)

wow! Thank you so much, @unlocked2412!

That is great, I can’t thank you enough for the help

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