Duration in fractions of hours rather than minutes?

When I enter a task’s duration in minutes, it appears OF converts it to hours, then back to minutes.


  • Enter “10 minutes” into the Estimated duration field in the inspector.
  • Press [enter].
  • The Estimated duration field instantly shows “0.183 hour” in the inspector,
  • and in the main display I see “11m” in the duration column for this task.

If instead I create a task in OF for IPad with a 10 minute duration, on the Mac I see “0.167 hour” in the inspector for that task, and “10m” in the duration column.

I’m using OF 3.4.6 (v128.32) with the latest Catalina beta (10.15.3 Beta (19D75a)).

I strongly preferred the earlier behavior, in which tasks I entered in minutes were (a) never changed and (b) always displayed everywhere in minutes.

As best I can tell, this behavior is new, maybe since a recent OF 3 for Mac update?

I don’t think I’ve changed any settings.

I’ve tried on the “normal” OF build with “normal” Catalina, and for me it shows 10m everywhere, no changes anywhere. Maybe it’s an issue with the Catalina beta?

Interesting and useful intel. May I ask what is your version number on OF? That may help me isolate the cause.

I’m not Janov, but I too do not see the behavior that you describe. On my instance of OF 3.4.6 (v128.32 r337549), estimated duration is shown in minutes, not fractions of an hour, in both the duration column and the Inspector.

Thanks to both of you. I uninstalled and reinstalled OF 3. The problem no longer appears. Fingers crossed it’s gone for good.

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