E-Mailing Data Out of OmniFocus

I’m coming back to using OmniFocus after several years away … I’m a “charter user”, having worked with Kinkless and the OmniFu betas.

I live in a “mixed gender” technology world: my home laptop is a MacBook, I have to use a Windows PC at work (more later), and love my aged but tiny Android phone. I’m content with not having OmniFocus on my phone, but would love connectivity with my work PC.

This PC is locked down 6 ways from Sunday … I can’t even read Gmail on it. [I also assume everything is keylogged. If I brought my MacBook to work, I wouldn’t trust the company WiFi. The joys of contract work for Big Brother.] I can send email to my Omni Maildrop, so I can get tasks to OmniFocus. And I can receive email from the outside world.

I’m now looking for a way to get tasks from OmniFocus to my work email. Ideally, someone who’s a better programmer than I am has created an app/script/widget that lets me select one Context (@Work, of course!) and would email me all my currently open Actions, once a day. While I couldn’t work with my prjects, at least I could see them.

Does anyone know of an app/script/IFTTT/whatever that would do something like this? Would anyone like to collaborate with a UX Visual Designer (me) to develop this?

You might want to look at https://github.com/psidnell/ofexport2. It will let you extract OF contents into different formats. Emailing them is a separate matter, but you should be able to Google something.