Earned Value Analysis

How does Omniplan calculate ACWP? I have a project where it seems to be consistently shown as the same as BCWS and that makes no sense

@Alwyn Does this explanation of ACWP from OmniPlan’s manual help explain what you’re seeing ?

Actual Cost (ACWP)
This column is pretty straightforward; it’s the actual cost of work performed up to the current date. In OmniPlan terms, this represents the amount of effort completed by resources assigned to a task, multiplied by their costs. If two 8-hour days of effort are finished and a resource is contributing at 100% units and efficiency at a Cost/Hour of $50, they’ll contribute $800 to the actual cost.

If not, our Support team would be happy to help out! They can be reached by email at omniplan@omnigroup.com.

I am afriad not.
A particular task has 80h effort with one resource working at ZAR1050/h and 90% efficiency. That gives ZAR93 333 total cost. The task is 10% complete (8h) and way behind schedule as the resource has not booked time on it for a significant period. The BCWS at the editing date is, in fact, ZAR74 340. With the task only 10% complete, the ACWP should be ZAR 9 333? It is however shown as ZAR 74 340 - the same as the BCWS.