Easily assign Inbox items to existing sub-project?

Hi all.

I have projects. And they have sub-projects.

When I create new items (using keyboard shortcut), they can go to the Inbox (if I don’t specify a project); or they can go at the end of a project if I specify a project.

1- Is there an easy way (for instance by dragging) to move an item from the Inbox to a sub-project or some specific place among a list of items in a project?
2- Is there an easy way to specify a sub-project when creating an item with the keyboard shortcut?


Hi all. Nobody else is interested in this???

By sub-project, do you mean what Omni terms “action groups” within the list of a project’s action?

If so, there isn’t a way to do this out of the box. Could definitely be useful. Email support to request the feature!