Easy path to generate follow-up tasks?

Often, I complete a task that involves handing information off to someone else. I then expect a response, and must wait for their input before taking my next step.

In these cases, to make sure I don’t forget about my next step (which is effectively blocked until the other person responds), I either:

  • manually create a new task with a “Waiting” context, something like “Receive feedback on x from y,” and assign a due date
  • manually create a new task with the appropriate context for following up, like “Calls” or “Computer”, something like “Follow up with y regarding x if I haven’t heard back by now,” and assign a due date
  • just forget about it, so I never follow up (oops!)

My question: Is there an easy workflow for generating generic “follow up” reminders like this? This would be a safety net, so even if the other person drops the ball, my oF system will remind me to bug them in the future. For example, I could see this as a task property — “follow up needed by x date”. Just as we have special properties like repeat rules, when you completed a “follow up needed” task, a new reminder task could be auto-generated.

I’m curious how other people handle this sort of thing. This comes up for me all the time.

I guess this Applescript from @curt is what you look for.
Hope you find it useful ;-)

Note: I used it all the time, triggered via Keyboard Maestro


When I know in advance that I have to get a reply from an action, I use this sequence immediately in the set up of the project.

  • send report to Mary [context - deliver]
  • get feedback from Mary on report [context - waiting on : Mary]


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Thanks! An AppleScript is nice, but if this functionality were built-in, then perhaps oF for iOS would support it, too.

Great idea to use contexts in this way. Thanks!

If I’m on my Mac, I use the AppleScript, which duplicates the action, complete the 1st one and change the 2nd one to the Waiting context.
If I’m on iOS, I sometimes just change the context.

I don’t have to rename any action due to the way I create them and the way my contexts are set up:

Action (following your example above):

  • Mary: share report XXX


  • @ People/Agendas
  • @ Communicate
  • @ Meetings
  • @ Call
  • @ Message
  • @ Email
  • @ Other
  • @ Wait for…

Whatever works. At least there is more than one way to solve the problem.


I typically have the original task:

Email John re: building the new rocket ship

When I check that one off, I create a new task with Drafts on iOS or the Quick Entry dialog on Mac:

Waiting for John’s response re: building the new rocket ship

I could probably make it quicker but it doesn’t seem worth it. I’m using TextExpander to create the beginning piece of the waiting task so it’s pretty fast. Because Drafts can pull in those snippets, I can use them on both the Mac and iOS.