Easy ways to add irregular but frequent tasks?

One thing I need on a regular basis is to pack scrap paper for my studies. However, I don’t this on a regular basis. Sometimes I go through tens of sheets in one day, while on other days, I barely touch my stack.

Would TextExpander be the only way to easily type in a task that is extremely irregularly repeated?

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What I do is make a daily checklist that is On Hold and all items are unflagged. Every day, I duplicate the list and make it Active. Then I go through and flag the tasks I need to do today, and delete the rest.


That’s clever! Doing that right now.

Personally I have some of these in Launch Center Pro, and others are in Workflow (with lists, usually inside menus), it still only takes a few taps to add a task, and works very well for me.

I’d do one of two things here

  1. carry enough paper to get you through an average week +20% and refill once a week
  2. have an IOS workflow action I can activate from the widgets pane on my phone that when I have to refill (e.g. when I take enough sheets to require a refill) It creates a task in OF which can be flagged.

Maybe I shouldn’t but I just reschedule items continually.